1:1 Therapy Clients

What struck me most about my sessions with Tal, was how personalised it was. There was no ‘programme’ or textbook we had to follow. We worked through practices tailored to my exact concerns. I really enjoyed these sessions, and learned something almost every single time. Tal has provided me with much-needed understanding and skills that I can take with me into the future so I can continue to progress independently. While this has been a challenging part of my life, I now view it with a sense of accomplishment and as a learning experience. When at first there seemed to be no solution for how I felt, I now feel like I am coming out of the other side and gained new perspective, new skills and new opportunities - Adult Client
A massive thank you for all of your help, everything you have done has helped me and made such a difference. I don’t know what I would have done without you – Young person
We’ve got our old daughter back. We can’t thank you enough, she is happy, joking, eating and going to school again – Parent of young person
I contacted Amie when we were struggling with our daughter's behaviour. It had over time become progressively more difficult. We had tried to get help from different sources but nothing seemed to be working. The situation was gradually destroying our family. We were at a complete loss and were desperate to find out what was wrong and how we could help her. Then I contacted Amie who specialises with the problems we were facing. She came to our home for the sessions. She listened and understood the situation. She explained to us what the underlying issue was and how that was causing her emotional problems. Her help and support was so beneficial and life changing for us. It was a complete turning point for the better for our family. Amie's knowledge, compassion and kindness have helped us through the most difficult time in our life. Thank you so much - Parent of young person

I emailed the Norwich Psychology Project last spring when I was experiencing big issues in my life, including really low moods, anxiety, thoughts of wanting to disappear, all of which were preventing me from doing what I wanted in life. I received an email reply from Tal within a couple of hours, and the reply was very reassuring and comforting; this made it a lot easier for me to access help and not feel quite as scared of seeing someone. After this email, we promptly arranged an initial telephone chat to discuss my needs and I started therapy soon after.
I first went to Tal with no understanding of why I was constantly feeling low, why my life has lost its meaning and why everything was just so bad for me. Very quickly through therapy, Tal helped me to identify that the issues causing my symptoms were due to fear of rejection by my closest and dearest as a LGBT person. Tal helped me to understand why my present and past life events have led me to experience depressive symptoms, and then Tal and I put a plan together to how my therapy would work and what approach we'd take. Tal always made sure that the therapy approach suited me and was flexible to make changes at any time. All the way through the therapy Tal concentrated on working towards the goals I set, and we often reviewed the goals to monitor progress and to ensure that the therapy remained relevant to my needs.
I found making the decision to access therapy really difficult and have made excuses not to do it for a long time, thinking that my issues would just pass away alone. I think this was because opening up is not something that I find easy and feel comfortable with but from the beginning I found it easy to speak to Tal, and Tal very intuitively helped me through this process by giving me space to think, to gather my thoughts but also to prompt me with further questions when needed. I was amazed at how attuned Tal was to my emotions and body language, always picking up on any anxiety or worries. As the therapy went on, I found it easier and easier to talk to Tal and I looked forward to my sessions with her.
Tal has always been accessible to contact outside of the therapy sessions, very reliable and flexible in terms of arranging sessions, she was always perfectly organised and professional.
I can honestly say that getting help from Tal was one of the best decisions of my life, which has saved my relationship with my fiancee and parents. I saw Tal when I wasn't accepting of my sexuality, I was ashamed of it, scared of coming out and I finished therapy being out to my parents (after 8 years of hiding), finally having the courage to move in with my fiancee and living my life the way I want to. I never thought that this would happen but with Tal's help I feel like I found myself, and have a lovely future to look forward to.
My therapy lasted for a few months and the sessions are not cheap but I have no doubt that the therapy with Tal was the best investment into a happy life and I would not think twice to access Tal's help again in future if I felt like I had to, as it's worth all the money. Some say that money can't buy you happiness, but in my case, money allowed me to access Tal's help which allowed me to find happiness. I would 100% recommend Tal to anyone thinking of seeking therapy. - Adult client 
I arrived at the first sessions depressed, with an inbuilt sense of never being good enough and continually looking at the empty half of the glass.  Without knowing it, Amie started rebuilding me one little piece at a time. The sessions gave a different perspective on how to look at my life and the world.  Small seeds in the form of ideas and suggestions would be gently dropped into the conversation and time allowed to germinate. As part of my coping with depression, I cut myself off emotionally. Unfortunately, it wasn't the negative feelings I lost.  With it went feelings of love, happiness, joy and hope.  As my sessions continued, I started to re-connect with those emotions and at times it hurt and I was ready to give up.  Amie was always there ready to accept whatever was arising. I now know that the patterns of thought and images that used to lead me into darkness are just thoughts and images. I've now learnt to see these coming and let them go.  I've grown to accept I'm not perfect, nor is my life and as uncomfortable as that might be at times, I can still enjoy it. Amie, thank you.  You've given me so much. For me, the most valuable piece of knowledge is that there is no end to my journey and I will always be changing, growing, getting it wrong, carrying on, doing things differently and that life will never be perfect.  I can honestly say I'm in such a fantastic place now, a place I once thought I could never be! - Adult Client

Group Therapy Members

I was fortunate to attend a ten-week Wellbeing Group run by Amie and Tal on behalf of Orbit Housing Association. Unsure at first as to how it would work, our group was made to feel immediately at ease by Amie and Tal's warm and welcoming manner. Basic ground rules and an explanation of how the group would function were explained on that first evening. A structured approach in those early sessions gradually gave way to a more free-flowing, organic methodology, allowing the group to take each evening's discussion where it needed to go. Indeed, every session was different, but with that underlying consistency provided by Amie and Tal that made the tackling of difficult issues possible. Without that, far less progress would have been made. I know that I and the other members of the group gained so much from those ten weeks. From my own perspective, the group gave me a unique opportunity to think things through and have my feelings and beliefs challenged within a safe environment. It was Amie and Tal's warmth, professionalism and insight that made this possible. Together, they make a great team and I would urge anyone to access those skills in order to make positive changes to their life. Although the group has only recently ended, I will miss those Monday evenings, albeit armed as I am with a greater understanding and ability to tackle what life throws at me. Thank you - Group Member

I know I matter. Positivity is best. Amie and Tal were easy to talk to, reassuring, their positivity makes everyone feel better. Without this group, I'd have nowhere to come and discuss my problems - Parent


Organisation Partners

Orbit are proud to call the Norwich Psychology Project a project partner. The brilliant work they have done specifically relating to their excellent parenting wellbeing course has helped improve and enhance the lives of our customers. It has taught customers how to better manage daily life and the challenges of parenting. It has really transformed customer’s lives - Community Investment Officer Orbit


Tal and Amie have taught me a great deal about group dynamics and process issues in therapy. They are tremendously skilled in sharing their penetrating insights in a highly accessible way. As supervisors, Tal and Amie were available, warm and inquisitive. I would always leave supervision with new ideas, feeling more confident and energised. Somehow, they always found a way of making me see solutions to problems that previously seemed unsolvable. As I am writing these words and remembering my work with Tal and Amie, I notice myself smiling. That smile, I think, is reminding me not to forget to mention how much fun I had working with them! - Clinical Psychologist


I felt incredibly lucky to have Amie as my supervisor. She is such a warm, understanding and genuine person, which helped me to feel able to be open and honest with her. In supervision, I always felt empowered; Amie worked hard to challenge me to think and reflect on difficult situations. As a result, I learnt a lot about myself, something which I can take forward throughout my career. I don't think I would be where I am today without her constant support and encouragement – Trainee Clinical Psychologist

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